The Brussels Centre for Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary research centre at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) that brings together researchers from various disciplines.

The Centre aims to increase the visibility of VUB urban research and develops and supports transdisciplinary research projects in the domain of urban studies. The Centre also stimulates networking between the various VUB research groups and of VUB researchers in international and local networks. The research orientation is global, but particular attention is paid to the urban dynamics of Brussels.


In the context of Brussels, the Centre acts as an intermediary organisation in two directions: internally by supporting Brussels-focused networks and events (co-)organised by VUB research groups; and externally by acting as the first point of contact for everyone interested in research on Brussels, such as researchers from other universities, policy makers and civil society actors.

The Centre encourages and supports research on Brussels and in the domain of urban studies and, in doing so, is linked to other complementary initiatives in Brussels: the Brussels Studies Institute (BSI), an interuniversity research platform; and the Brussels University Alliance (BUA), an alliance between the ULB and VUB to develop synergies in education, research, service to society, infrastructure and logistics. The Brussels Centre for Urban Studies also collaborates with equivalent networks at the ULB and USL-B: Laboratoire interdisciplinaire en études urbaines (LIEU) and the Institut de recherches interdisciplinaires sur Bruxelles (IRIB).

Centre organisation

The Brussels Centre for Urban Studies is directed by Prof. Bas van Heur (director) and Dr. Lena Imeraj (daily coordinator) with the support of a supervisory board consisting of members of the various involved VUB research groups. Currently, the Centre represents more than twenty research groups from various faculties and departments. You can find a full list of all affiliated member groups here.