SoLoMIDEM - Social, Local & Mobile Identity Management

Bram Lievens, Jos Pierson, Carina Veeckman, Paulien Coppens, Jonas Breuer

Research Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunicaton (SMIT)

The ‘converging’ combination of SOcial + LOcation + MObile platforms and services is a powerful, yet often misunderstood business opportunity. To date however, people often hold back on the full use of these services, because they believe companies track every move to inundate them with marketing, and create a business by using their aggregated identities. And so they resist.

Therefore, one of the most important challenges for the next generation of SoLoMo-Technology is to deliver highly targeted, context-rich communications that do not harm the confidence and trust of the users, ensuring control over their mobile identity and privacy while allowing a diversity of 3rd parties an efficient way to benefit and hook up to such platforms and technology.
The overall innovation goal of this iMinds ICON Project relates to building such a user-centric, multilayered, open SoLoMo platform. To maximize the end-user’s  confidence  in  the  governance  of  his  mobile   identity and privacy, novel identity management and location privacy techniques need to be integrated.

Partners: iMinds-MICT (UGent); iMinds-COSIC (KU Leuven); iMinds-ICRI (KU Leuven); iMinds-iLab.o; Mobile Vikings; Enqio NV; LIN.K NV; Cultuurnet Vlaanderen; iRail

01/10/2012 - 31/12/2014