Mobility of alternative transport policies

Wojciech Kębłowski, David Bassens, Mathieu Van Criekingen

Research Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research

Multi-site lessons for Brussels. Innoviris Prospective Research for Brussels funding

Joint PhD project with the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB supervision: Mathieu van Criekingen)

Stemming from a critical analysis of the transport situation in the Brussels-Capital Region, the project has the following five aims:

  1. To identify and assess the depth and conditions of urban policies and models that show significant potential to constitute an alternative to urban entrepreneurialism in the field of urban transport, by relating literatures on mobility and transport to the current debate on Henri Lefebvre’s “right to the city”;
  2. To document and examine geographies, modalities and actors engaged in the process of their “mobility”, as they “travel” among institutions and territories;
  3. To assess the adaptability of such “alternative” transport policies in the context of BCR, and thus to provide local stakeholders with a toolbox for setting adequate goals for a socially sustainable urban transport;
  4. To provide insight into how the BCR’s transport policies and practices are assembled, notably in relation with practices and institutions elsewhere;
  5. To interpret mobilities of policies in question vis-à-vis existing, orthodox theories of policy circulation-diffusion, contemporary studies into mobilities of urban entrepreneurial policies, as well as recently developed theory of policy mobility-mutation, critical of orthodox approaches.