Heritage Depots in Flanders

Inge Bertels, Filip Descamps, Ine Wouters, Dorien Aerts

Research Architectural Engineering (æ-LAB)

Kunsten en Erfgoed Vlaamse Gemeenschap, January 2015 - June 2015

Today, the need for qualitative heritage depots in Flanders is urgent. Multiple Flemish cultural heritage curators are in search for an appropriate depot which preserves their objects - ranging from archaeological objects, over paintings to military uniforms - in an optimal way. As such, the Arts and Heritage Agency of the Flemish Community supports specific research projects to develop their Flemish cultural heritage decree.
Within this context, our research team was asked to develop a critical reflection on and tool for the decision process for the startup of these heritage depots, from the definition of the demand to the assignment of the project. Moreover a series of case-studies was critically analysed.

more info on http://www.vub.ac.be/ARCH/ae-lab/projects/depots