European Financial Geography Network - EUFINGEO

David Bassens, Michael Ryckewaert, Bas van Heur, Nina Haerter, Michiel van Meeteren, Maëlys Waiengnier, Laura Deruytter, Reijer Hendrikse

Research Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research

The European Financial Geography Network sets out to maintain, nurture, and further develop common research activities in the following three domains: Geographies of financial institutions and advanced producer services The first line of research intends to promote financial geographical research through an institutional and sector-based perspective. The focus here is on (i) mapping European geographies of financial institutions and related advanced producer services; (ii) understanding corporate strategies and business models amidst financialization and globalization; (iii) tracing sector-based consultancy narratives; (iv) charting how financial elite interests converge with political interests in urban and national regimes; etc.

Geographies of finance, land, and real estate

The second line of research seeks to bring together studies on how real estate and land markets collide with the interests of financial intermediaries and markets, thereby grasping the process of the financialization of land and real estate. The focus here is on (i) grasping the varieties of financialization of real estate across Europe; (ii) analyzing the mechanisms by which land and real estate becomes a financial asset, but also catalogue alternatives to financialization (e.g. commoning strategies); (iii) mapping geographies of financial intermediaries such as real estate investment trusts; (iv) tracing the emergence of (de)growth coalitions around finance and real estate in European cities; etc.

Geographies of international and offshore financial centres

The third line of research sets out to understand hoistorical and contemporary agglomeration dynamics in international/offshore financial centres. Here we wish to bring together research that is focuses on (i) in depth case studies of particular cities/jurisdisctions; (ii) map international divisions of labour between cities; (iii) chart processes of offshoring and tax evasion with mutlinational enterprises in relation to advanced producer service activities; (iv) reconstruct pre-and post-crisis European geographies of credit and debt; etc.

EUFINGEO brings together researchers at the following institutions:
• Centre for Economic and Regional Studies – Hungarian Academy of Sciences
• Cosmopolis – VUB
• Finance, Economy & Society (FES) Research Group, Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin
• Geographies of Globalizations (GoG) – University of Amsterdam
• Institute für Humangeographie – Goethe University Frankfurt
• Real Estate Financial Complex (REFCOM) – KU Leuven
• Transformations, Economy, Society, and Place research cluster – Oxford University

EUFINGEO is also part of the Global Network on Financial Geography, see