Ethnic urban geographies in Belgium: Processes of spatial inequity and implications for individual life chances

Lena Imeraj, Sylvie Gadeyne

Research Interface Demography (ID) Migration & Diversity

A study about ethnic diversity, the intersection between social and demographical processes and residential ethnic segregation in urban areas in Belgium.

Socio-spatial divides between people, although widely observed, are not fully understood. Segregation research that moves away from an isolated focus on singluar drivers, categorisations and outcomes and that incorporates the measurement, causes and implication remains scarce. This study introduces a holistic intersectionality perspective into the study of the (re-) production of inequalities by investigating how determinants and processes that divide along socioeconomic, demographic and spatial axes act together in shaping urban populations and geographies in Belgium. 

Keywords: residential segregation, ethnic group, (re-)producing inequalities, socioeconomic and demographic processes, urban population and geography, Belgian cities

This research was funded by the Research Foundation Flanders, 2013-2018, Grant number FWOTM670.