ECIM: European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility

Wim Vanobberghen, Jonas Breuer, Gorazd Marinic

Research Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunicaton (SMIT)

EU funding, 2014-

ECIM uses the power of the cloud to create a market place for transportation solutions that:

- service creators can use to create innovative applications and sell them around the world,

- city managers can use to find and purchase these applications, and

- citizens can use to easily and reliably access them – anytime, anywhere!

ECIM’s vision is to use the cloud to dramatically modernize and improve transportation services across Europe. Under the ECIM vision, European cities will lead the world in offering state of the art transportation services that make it easier for people and goods to move between destinations as quickly, cheaply and greenly as possible.

Partners: iMinds; IS-Practice; 21C Consultancy; INTRASOFT; Relational; Mobile-for; BePark; PayByPhone; EJ Consultants; CIRB; ISSY Media; ESADE; CEN Group;ENOLL