Demographic challenges of the 21st century

Patrick Deboosere, Helga de Valk, Sylvie Gadeyne, Christophe Vanroelen

Research Interface Demography (ID)

University funding

Promotors: Patrick Deboosere, Helga de Valk, Sylvie Gadeyne, Jan Van Bavel & Christophe Vanroelen


The major demographic challenges currently witnessed in our society delineate numerous relevant research lines and questions within the research areas of expertise of the Interface Demography (ID) research group (household formation and fertility, health and mortality, migration and population dynamics and applied regional population studies). Although maybe indirect, infrastructure is a key accelerator of progress in research and for maintaining ID's unique position in Belgium and Europe in each of these strategic areas. The first and most crucial strategic issues for the SRP is the maintenance of the research infrastructure. This includes not only the data but also the expertise. A second strategic issue is the optimal assurance of the continuity of ID's (postdoc) middle management responsible for the attraction of funding and the supervision of PhD researchers. Finally, the SRP is used to invest in the starting period of promising young researchers before approval of their PhD by external funding instances.