Book and Webtool on Post-War Building Materials in Housing in Brussels (1945-1975)

Stephanie Van de Voorde, Ine Wouters, Inge Bertels, Koen Verswijver, Bert Belmans, Ann Verdonck, Filip Descamps

Research Architectural Engineering (æ-LAB)

Innoviris; January 2015 - December 2015

The ReUse-team of the ae-lab is working on a research project on post-war housing in Brussels (see projects > retrofit), funded by Innoviris ( In 2015, we will write a book and create a webtool on Post-War Building Materials in Housing in Brussels (1945-1975). With eight chapters on different materials (e.g. glass, insulation, hollow core slabs, concrete façade panels), the book and webtool are composed as a basic instrument to understand the historical development and application of building materials and construction techniques in houses and residential buildings in Brussels (1945-1975). It enables architectural and construction historians, restoration and renovation architects, administrations, owners, etc. to recognize typical post-war materials, to trace their fabrication and to understand their application.