Research themes

The Brussels Centre for Urban Studies represents more than twenty five research groups that all do research on urban themes from their own disciplinary perspectives, and also believe in the added value of research collaborations between and across research groups. You can find a full list of all affiliated member groupsĀ here.

The following three transdisciplinary research themes serve as the key research priorities of the Centre for the coming years:

Sustainable urban environments: mobility and logistics, built environment, urban ecology, material infrastructures.

Urban cultures and diversity: superdiversity, multilingualism and education, culture and citizenship, access to and participation in culture.

Governing urban economies: urban development projects, public investment strategies, local labour markets, R&D and human capital, urban governance and public administration.

Next to these three research themes, the Centre also insists on the need for sustained theoretical and comparative reflection on the state of urban studies today. Societal problems are increasingly urban problems and this necessitates a profound and in-depth understanding of cities and the process of urbanisation in order to be able to analyse and tackle these problems.