Sabine Hillen

Senior researchers Brussels Institute for Applied Linguistics (BIAL)
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    Department of Applied Linguistics
    Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
    Room 305
    Pleinlaan 5
    BE-1050 Brussels
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Sabine Hillen has a PhD in French modern literature. She is currently working at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the University of Antwerp (UA) where she teaches the History of modernity, Adaptation theory and contemporary art practices. She is the author of several essays on French modern and contemporary literature: "Le roman monologue. Montherlant, auteur, narrateur, acteur" (Minard, Archives des lettres modernes, 2001) and "Ecarts de la modernité. Le roman français de Sartre à Houellebecq" (Minard, Archives des lettres modernes, 2007). In 2009 she published at the Jan Van Eyck Academy, with the graphic design of Eva Moulaert and Marie Sledsens, a scenario called "The last book" and at the University of Antwerp a study on literature, social theory and visual media, "Kort en lang boekenplankleven" (Acco, 2008). Her recent publications concentrate on the picaresque influences in road movies, but also on Marcel Broodthaers, André Delvaux and many others.

Key Publications:

Hillen, S., & D. Haigron (2014) “Working class in the 7UP documentaries”, Representing classes on screen, Nicole Cloarec, David Haigron, Delphine Letort (ed.), paper presentation accepted by McFarland & Company, Inc.
Hillen, S., & D. Jarak (2013). “My own private Idaho: le désir d’amitié chez Gus Van Sant”, dans : Diego Jarak (éd.),  Amitiés. Le cas des mondes américains, vol. 3 résistances, Editions la Promenade, Université de la Rochelle.
Hillen, S. (2007). Écarts de la modernité: le roman français de Sartre à Houellebecq (1938-2000): Parijs, Archives des Lettres Modernes.