Reinhard Haudenhuyse

Postdoctoral Researcher in Sports Policy and Management

Senior researchers Sport & Society (SASO) Culture & Leisure
  • Current position Postdoctoral Researcher in Sports Policy and Management
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Reinhard Haudenhuyse was born on February 20th 1982 in Gent (Belgium). In 2005 he obtained a Master’s degree in Physical Education (option physical activity, fitness and health) at Ghent University. He holds an additional Master’s degree in Conflict and Development (Third World Studies) obtained at the Ghent University in 2006. His research interests revolve around youth sports, youth work, sports-based social interventions, monitoring & evaluation, youth & sports related policy issues and sport pedagogy. In March 2012, Reinhard received his PhD, entitled ‘The Potential of Sports for Socially Vulnerable Youth’, in Physical Education and Movement Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The purpose of this 4-year research project was to gain a better insight in how sports practices working with socially vulnerable youth could effectively generate wider social outcomes.

Reinhard has authored and co-authored several international and national peer-reviewed publications, and worked together with leading experts in the related field. He further gave several presentations at international and national forums. In May 2012 he briefly worked on a sport-related research project for Uit De Marge, the umbrella structure of organisations working with socially vulnerable youth in Flanders (northern region of Belgium).

As from May 2014, Reinhard works as a post-doctoral researcher at the department of sport management and policy (SBMA)