Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe

Professor in Sociology

Professors Interface Demography (ID)
  • Current position Professor in Sociology
  • Contact VUB
    Pleinlaan 5
    Room 2.04
    1050 Brussel
  • Phone +32 2 6148127
  • E-mail

Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe is professor in Sociology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium. In 2012 he successfully defended his PhD about the (re)producing role of social capital for ethnic and socio-economic inequalities in health and in the labour market entrance. He currently teaches the courses “Statistics for the Social Sciences”, "Social Change and inequalities in Europe", "Current Issues in Well-being" and "Migration and the Multicultural Society". His current research interests include diversity, discrimination, poverty, health inequalities, social cohesion, segregation and urban planning.