Philip Stessens

PhD Researcher in Cartography and GIS

Junior researchers Cartography and GIS (CGIS) Ecology & Environment Smart & ICT & Data Sustainability
  • Current position PhD Researcher in Cartography and GIS
  • Contact UniversitĂ© Libre de Bruxelles
    CP 194/2
    50, avenue Franklin Roosevelt
    BE-1050 Brussels
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Philip Stessens is a civil engineer-architect and landscape urbanist, studying the potential of ecosystem-service based urban design in response to climate change effects and demographic growth in Brussels.

His work concerns modelling of cultural and regulating ecosystem services in a GIS environment, and combines research and research-by-design on the themes of urban vegetation, water balance and heat fluxes, for developing policy measures and tools for scenario testing.

Philip’s expertise includes:

  • Urban green infrastructure and ecosystem services
  • Geographic information systems and GIS modeling
  • Urban remote sensing
  • Scenario building for urban development
  • Urban design
  • Landscape urbanism