Marion Berzin

Project manager at the Brussels Academy

Associate researchers Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research
  • Current position Project manager at the Brussels Academy
  • Contact Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Department of Geography
    Faculty of Sciences
    Building F – Room 4.72
    Pleinlaan 2
    BE-1050 Brussels
  • Phone +32 (0)2 629 3185
  • E-mail

Marion Berzin is project manager at Brussels Academy and a social geographer within the research centre Passages at the CNRS France in Bordeaux and the Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research. Her main research interest is to study the role of urbanity in the construction of contemporary identities, political and spatial processes. Marion Berzin hold a joint PhD in Geography (Thesis title: Brussels and the Belgian Nation-State crisis: from a capital-city to a world city network. Univ. Bordeaux Montaigne/VUB).

She’s also working with Optima Study Travel International to develop programmes of language exchanges and the discovery of European Urbanity for secondary schools.

Educational Background

2016: PhD in Sciences and Geography. University Bordeaux-Montaigne/VUB (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Guy Di Méo, Prof. Dr. Eric Corijn, Prof. Dr. David Bassens)

2006-2008: MSc in Geography, University Bordeaux-Montaigne, France

2005-2006: Bachelor in Human Sciences, University Bordeaux-Montaigne, France

2003-2005: Hypokhâgne-Khâgne (Literature and Human Sciences), Lycée Mariette, France

Previous employment

2016: Course Assistant SciencesPO Paris

2012- 2016: Managing director, Optima Study Travel International, UK

2013-2014: Policy Officer trainee Bureau Aquitaine Europe, Brussels

2008-2012: Research and course assistant in the Department of Geography, University Bordeaux-Montaigne

Key Publications

Berzin M. (2012) “Remapping the Challenges of European Construction: A Brussels perspective” in Spaces and Flows: An international Journal and of Urban and Extra Urban Studies, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp. 131-150

Berzin M. (2010) “Luttes et revendications linguistiques : peut-on penser Bruxelles comme capitale d’une Europe des Régions?” in Actes de Colloques l’Europe des 27 et ses langues, Université Paris Diderot, 9pp.

Berzin M. (2010) “Bruxelles et la Belgique: Parenthèse ou trait d’union?” in Les Cahiers d’Adess, N°7, 11pp.

Patriarche G., Hubert M., Montulet B., & Berzin M. (2009) “Les usages des medias et des TIC en situation de mobilité” in Rercherches en Communication, 31, 197-213