Marc Theeboom

Professor of Sports Policy and Management

Professors Sport & Society (SASO)
  • Current position Professor of Sports Policy and Management
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Marc Theeboom works as a full professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy and the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He teaches various courses on bachelor’s and master’s level in both faculties (among others ‘Sport and development’, ‘Module Sport and Social Issues’, ‘Sport policy’, ‘Introduction in methodics of training and coaching’, ‘Introduction in sports education’, ‘Organizations and structures in the leisure sector’, ‘Selected topics in sport and leisure’, ‘Introduction in leisure sciences’ and ‘Capita selecta of sports education’, ‘Integrated working period in recreational and rehabilitation sports’). 

Marc holds a number of positions on the university and faculty level. He is member of the Bureau of the Research Council of the university, chair of the research committee of the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy. He is chair of the research group Sport and Society (SASO).  

His research primarily focuses on educational and policy-related aspects of (youth) sport in general and specific target groups in particular (e.g., socially deprived youth, ethnic minorities, elderly). He has a special interest in the analysis and evaluation of ‘sport development’ programmes in which sport is regarded as a social instrument and a means of community development (‘sport-plus’). A number of his research projects related to the analysis of specific aspects of a community sport stimulation programmes in various parts of Flanders. He is promoter of a number of doctoral studies with regard to the social value of sport. 

Since the beginning of 2012, Marc is the promotor-coordinator of the Flemish Policy Research Centre for Sport including researchers from the Universities of Brussels, Ghent and Louvain. He has also become involved in collaborative work with a growing number of partners abroad (e.g., UK, the Netherlands, China, United States, UK, Finland, Norway, Australia). Contacts have also resulted in invitations to act as a chair, presenter or co-organiser during international meetings, conferences and working groups on the topic of sport and social integration.

To date, Marc Theeboom has authored and (co)authored more than 20 books (mostly in English or Dutch) and he has also an extensive number of peer reviewed articles, chapters in books or proceedings as well as presentations during international scientific meetings on this topic.