Julie Deconinck

Postdoctoral Researcher

Senior researchers Brussels Institute for Applied Linguistics (BIAL) Language & Linguistics
  • Current position Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Contact Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Department of Applied Linguistics
    Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
    Room 315
    Pleinlaan 5
    BE-1050 Brussels
  • Phone +32 (0)2 629 1078
  • E-mail
  • Website research.vub.ac.be

Julie Deconinck taught English and Dutch as a Foreign Language in adult and higher education for more than 10 years before she embarked on graduate studies. She obtained her PhD in linguistics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in 2012 on the merits of form-meaning motivation (a concept from Cognitive Linguistics) in L2 word learning. Her research interests include vocabulary learning, language instruction, and, more recently, the social and cultural aspects of language learning and multilingualism in general. Julie has lived and worked in England and Wales, and she also taught French as a foreign language for a year in the United States on a Fulbright scholarship. She now teaches a variety of advanced English courses to students at the Applied Linguistics department of the VUB.

Key publications:

Deconinck, J., F. Boers & J. Eyckmans (2011). Helping learners engage with L2 words: The form-meaning fit. AILA Review 23, 95-11.
Boers, F., J. Deconinck & S. Lindstromberg (2010). Choosing motivated chunks for learning. In S. De Knop, F. Boers & T. De Rycker, Fostering Language Teaching Efficiency through Cognitive Linguistics (pp.239-256), Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
Deconinck, J., F. Boers & J. Eyckmans (2014). Looking for form-meaning motivation in new L2 words: A think-aloud study among upper-intermediate learners of English. English Text Construction 7, 249-280.
Stengers, H., J. Deconinck, F. Boers, & J. Eyckmans (2014). Does copying idioms promote their recall? Computer Assisted Language Learning, 10.1080/09588221.2014.93772