Joost Vandenbroele

2016 Civil Society Fellow

Fellows Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre (MOBI) Political Science (POLI)
  • Current position 2016 Civil Society Fellow
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Joost Vandenbroele works since 2008 as collaborator urban development and is responsible for the communication at BRAL, a city movement striving to make Brussels sustainable. Joost has been involved in the organization of Pic Nic the Streets in Brussels, worked on participation processes in various urban development projects such as Thurn & Taxis or the Administrative Centre of Brussels. The last few years Joost has been working with active citizens and local committees on the subject of the future of Brussels' city centre.

BRAL exists since 1974 as a Brussels member organization which unites neighborhood committees, Brussels activists and academics, and other organizations. It has a large network in the Brussels-Capital Region that includes other NGO’s, local organizations, individuals, academics, and public authorities.

The main domains of interest for BRAL are: environment, mobility, urban planning and participation. From 2014 till 2018 its focus will be on a better air quality, an economy that is both green and social and urban development with room for participation. BRAL is active in the Brussels metropolitan region with all of its social and cultural diversity.

The fellowship with BRAL is launched to analyse the impact of the Brussels’ pedestrian zone: with its size, central location and socio-economic profile, the impacts of the newly installed pedestrian zone in the city center of Brussels, possibly reach the whole of the Brussels’ region. Although similar far-reaching measures are not exceptional in the Brussels’ policy context, their impact has not yet been investigated. BRAL and the VUB aim to objectify the debate on the Brussels’ pedestrian zone, with each partner contributing its own expertise. In 2016 the analysis will include surveys, counts, participatory measures, literature research and qualitative interviews.

Within his Civil Society fellowship Joost Vandenbroele is collaborating with three VUB research centres to address the impact of the pedestrian zone in Brussels: The Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre (MOBI), the Department of Political Science (POLI) and the Centre for Urban Research (COSMOPOLIS).