Guillaume Servonnat

2017 Civil Society Fellow

Fellows Human Physiology Research Group (MFYS) Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre (MOBI)
  • Current position 2017 Civil Society Fellow
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Espaces-Mobilités / The impact of recent road & tunnel closures in Brussels / 2017

Guillaume Servonnat is a geographer-urbanist. Since 2014 he works for Espaces-Mobilités, a Brussels based consultancy firm specialized in mobility & public space. Guillaume has profound experience in GIS and follows closely all developments regarding Big Data. He completed several research projects on mobility for the province of Walloon Brabant and the city of Louvain-La-Neuve, using data sets like Floating Mobile Data (GSM) and Floating Car Data (GPS), which have shown their utility and allow for an improved understanding of mobility patterns.

These data can also be used to understand the impact of temporary closure or permanent suppression of road infrastructure – several projects of this kind are currently on the agenda in Brussels, – and can play a role in the public debate which often lacks comprehensive knowledge on this issue, leading to reluctance of the political class to reduce road capacity as an answer to urban congestion problems. Regular announcements by the popular press predicting traffic chaos do add to the confusion and prevent a balanced debate on the role of the car in the city.

The fellowship will be used for a thorough investigation of the real impact of recent road & tunnel closures in Brussels, using data from TomTom (dating back in time) to measure the level of congestion. The research aims to illustrate the usefulness of this method in analysing and monitoring car traffic, and will provide the stakeholders and the civil society with objective mobility data to underpin a constructive debate on urban mobility.

Guillaume will work in close collaboration with the research units MOBI and MFYS to develop his methodological approach, to discuss the research results and to feed the public debate on urban mobility in Brussels.