Dries Tys

Professor of Medieval Archaeology and Landscape History

Professors Brussels Heritage Lab (BREL) Social & Cultural Food Studies (FOST)
  • Current position Professor of Medieval Archaeology and Landscape History
  • Contact Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Department of Art History and Archaeology
    Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
    Building C - Room 5.434
    Pleinlaan 2
    BE-1050 Brussels
  • Phone +32 2 629 2441
  • E-mail
  • Website www.vub.ac.be

Dries Tys (1972) studied history and archaeology at Ghent University. He obtained his PhD at the Vrije University Brussel. This PhD was an interdisciplinary project in landscape archaeology and history of the Belgian coastal plain. In his approach, he tries to understand the motives behind landscapes and how landscapes act as interactive signs and forms of material culture. He directs several projects on landscape history and archaeology in the medieval period, a.o. on the coastal landscape and environment of Flanders, on connectivity and urban origins in the medieval world, on ritual and religion and on settlement and identity. Since 2005, he was appointed as lecturer in Medieval Archaeology and Landscape History at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Dries Tys is member of the Vlaamse Commissie Onroerend Erfgoed (SARO) and President of the Medieval Europe Research Conference, the network of medieval archaeologists of Europe.

Key publications

Wouters, B., Milek, K., Devos, Y. & Tys, D. (in press): Soil micromorphology in urban research: early medieval Antwerp (Belgium) and Viking Age Kaupang (Norway). In: Broderick, L., Grau, I. & Jervis, B. (eds.): Urban Life in Medieval Europe: Environmental and Artefact Based Approaches.

Tys, D. (in press) Maritime environment and social identities in medieval coastal Flanders. The management of water and environment and its consequences for the local community and the landscape. In J. Barrett, ed. Maritime societies of the Viking and Medieval World. Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer.

Tys, D., (2010) Medieval moated sites in coastal Flanders: the impact of social groups on the formation of the landscape in relation to the early estates of the Count of Flanders. In: K. De Groote, D. Tys & M. Pieters, eds.Exchanging Medieval Material Culture. Studies on archaeology and history presented to Frans Verhaeghe. Relicta Monografieën, 4. Brussels: VIOE & VUB, pp. 289-301.

Loveluck, C. & Tys, D., 2006. Coastal societies and identity, AD 600-1200: rethinking the social distribution of material culture along the Channel and North Sea coasts. International Journal for Maritime Archaeology, 1/2, pp. 140-169.

Tys, D., 2005. Domeinvorming in de ‘wildernis’ en de ontwikkeling van vorstelijke macht: het voorbeeld van het bezit van de graven van Vlaanderen in het IJzerestuarium tussen 900 en 1200. Jaarboek voor Middeleeuwse Geschiedenis, 7, pp. 34-87.