Danny Van Hemelrijck

Professor of Mechanics of Materials and Constructions

Professors Mechanics of Materials and Constructions (MEMC)
  • Current position Professor of Mechanics of Materials and Constructions
  • Phone + 32 (0)2 6292929
  • E-mail
  • Website www.vub.ac.be

Danny Van Hemelrijck (civil engineeer 1984, Informatics engineering 1987, PhD in Engineering Sciences 1992) is professor at the “ Vrije Universiteit Brussel”. The courses he’s responsible for and the research he’s performing are situated in the domain of “Mechanics of materials and constructions”. He has (co-)authored more than 150 scientific papers in international journal and conference proceedings. Danny is member of different scientific organizations for instance the “National Comity of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics” (adjunct-secretary); the “European Society of Composite Materials (ESCM)” (member of the council) and the  “European Society of Experimental Mechanics (EuraSEM)” (member of the executive council as permanent secretary). He is organizer of the International conference “Emerging Technologies in Nondestructive Testing”. Currently he is the head of the department of “Mechanics of Materials and Constructions-MeMC”.