Anne Tjønndal

2018 Visiting Research Fellow

Fellows Human Physiology Research Group (MFYS) Sport & Society (SASO) Voicing Youth (VOIC) Children & Youth Culture & Leisure Migration & Diversity Politics & Policy
  • Current position 2018 Visiting Research Fellow
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Nord University, Bodø – Norway / presumably from August to October 2018 / Innovation for social inclusion in sport

Anne Tjønndal recently finished her PhD dissertation in sociology at the Faculty of Social Science at Nord University, Bodø – Norway. Her thesis defense will be held during the spring of 2018. The topic of her PhD thesis is innovation for social inclusion in sport. In addition to her PhD project, Anne has published on the inclusion of women’s boxing in the Olympic Games, the history of women’s boxing in Norway, the gendering of coach leadership in boxing, and, violence and masculinity in sport. In January 2018, her first book “Statistisk Analyse i Stata” (Statistical Analysis using Stata) was published with Norway’s biggest publisher, Cappelen Damm. She is also a regular blogger for The Nordic Sport Science Forum ( and Love Fighting, Hate Violence ( ). Anne is also a competitive Olympic style boxer and a former Norwegian national Light Weight Champion, as well as a boxing coach and a board member of The Norwegian Boxing Federation (NBF). She currently runs the NBF’s national ‘Inclusion of Girls in Boxing’ program.

As a Brussels Centre for Urban Studies visiting research fellow, Anne will study processes of social in- and exclusion of girls and young women practicing boxing (recreational, amateur/professional) in urban super-diverse settings. The focus is voicing girls and young women’s experiences and aspirations in boxing. During her stay, she will work with the Sport & Society Group (SASO), Voicing Youth (VOIC) and Human Physiology Research Group (MFYS) to develop a multi-disciplinary research proposal regarding protective headgear in boxing.  Apart from the research proposal, she plans to organize - with the support of the research groups - a roundtable in Brussels with practitioner, policymakers, media makers and academics on the two topics: i) women boxing in the city and ii) protective headgear and their impact on grassroots boxing clubs. The main aim is to have an impact on policies in relation to urban leisure participation for girls and young women and instigate the debate about the protective headgear. The roundtable could also be used as a forum to show the visual narratives of the girls and young women that were involved in the research, and will result in a Policy Position Paper which will be co-authored by the Vlaams Vechtsportplatform and the Vlaamse Boksliga.

Latest publications:

Tjønndal, A. (2018). Sport Innovation: Developing a typology. European Journal for Sport and Society, vol. 15, issue 1: 1-17. DOI:

Tjønndal, A. (2017). ‘I don’t think they realise how good we are’: Innovation, inclusion and exclusion in women’s Olympic boxing. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. DOI: 10.1177/1012690217715642

Latest book contributions:

Tjønndal, A. (2017). Modern Female Fighters: Barriers Faced by Women in Boxing. In A.N. Milner & J.H. Braddock (eds.). Women in Sports – Breaking Barriers, Facing Obstacles. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger

Tjønndal, A. (2016). Innovation for social inclusion in sport. in V.Ratten & J.Ferreira (eds.). Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation. London: Routledge.

Nordic Sport Science Forum: