Anna Di Ronco

2019 Visiting Research Fellow

Fellows Crime & Society (CRiS) Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research Centre of Expertise Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality (RHEA)
  • Current position 2019 Visiting Research Fellow
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University of Essex (UK) / Law in action: local-level and collaborative governance of prostitution in two European cities / from Januari to March 2019

Anna Di Ronco is a Lecturer in Criminology at the Sociology Department of the University of Essex (UK) and the Deputy Director of the Centre for Criminology. Her research interests lie in the regulation, representation and enforcement of ‘anti-social behaviour’ (incivilité, overlast), and in individual’s resistance to social control in the physical and digital space. Her more recent projects look into the local collaborative governance of prostitution in European cities, and into the role of social media in supporting (otherwise criminalised or silenced) activism – particularly environmental activism. She has published her research extensively in internationally peer-reviewed journals, including Criminology & Criminal Justice, Crime Law and Social Change, The European Journal of Criminology, The International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, and Crime Media & Culture

As a Brussels Centre for Urban Studies visiting research fellow, Anna will focus on her project ‘Law in action: local-level and collaborative governance of prostitution in two European cities – Antwerp (Belgium) and Catania (Italy)’, which is funded by the Sociological Review Foundation. During her fellowship, in particular, she will focus on the case of Antwerp, where she will carry out interviews with local key stakeholders (including local administrators, the police, residents’ groups, third-sector and sex workers’ associations) and ethnographic observations in the designated prostitution areas. The aim of the project is to comparatively analyse two experiences of collaborative prostitution governance (the one of Antwerp in Belgium, and the one of Catania in Italy) and identify best practices that could inform the regulation of prostitution in other European contexts. During the fellowship period, Anna will also give lectures and research seminars at three research centres of the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies: CRiS, Cosmopolis, and the Centre for Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality (RHEA).