Amy Foerster

2019 Visiting Research Fellow

Fellows Political Science (POLI) Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research Centre for Information, Documentation and Research on Brussels (BRIO) Migration & Diversity Politics & Policy
  • Current position 2019 Visiting Research Fellow
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Amy Foerster / Pace University, New York (USA) / from January to May 2019

Amy Foerster is Associate Professor of Sociology at Pace University, New York (USA). She completed her PhD training at Cornell University, with specializations in social movements, labor studies, organizational sociology, race & ethnicity, and immigration. Her published research has long-focused on immigration and organizations; investigating a New York City labor union’s attempts to identify itself as a “Black” [immigrant] union, for example, or analyzing the role of immigrant-produced newspapers in pushing the West German state toward a more inclusive migration policy. More recently, her work has focused on migration and urbanity, with a particular focus on the ways that immigration reshapes cities and the institutions within them. Representative publications have appeared in the journals Nations & Nationalism, Ethnicities, International Feminist Journal of Politics and Social Problems.

During the 2019 visiting fellowship at the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies, Amy will begin a multi-city investigation of sanctuary and solidarity initiatives in the US and Europe. This study, which includes Brussels, Ghent, Munich, Regensburg, New York and Philadelphia as research sites, will examine the roles played by municipal officials and politicians, activists and advocacy organizations in attempting to welcome, integrate and incorporate recent migrants, and will investigate whether or how such activities operate in opposition or conflict with federal or supranational migration policy. Her work at the Centre will include collaboration with researchers at BRIO, Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Studies as well as the Political Science department, and she looks forward to creating new links between her home university and the academic community at the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies.