Ahmed Z. Khan

Professor of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism

  • Current position Professor of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism
  • Contact Université libre de Bruxelles
    Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles
    Campus du Solbosch – CP 194/02
    Avenue F.D. Roosevelt 50, 1050 Bruxelles
  • Phone +32 (0)20 650 66 03
  • E-mail
  • Website batir.ulb.ac.be

Ahmed Zaib Khan graduated as an architect (1990-95), urban designer-planner (2000-01), practiced for about a decade, and obtained a PhD (2008) in applied sciences / engineering – Architecture, Urbanism & Planning (KULeuven). Ahmed’s PhD focused on the critical relationship between theory and practice unfolding meta-principles for integrated design and planning for more sustainable metropolitan futures. He held post-doc fellowship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA), and other academic-research positions before joining BATir (ULB) in 2013. He is the academic co-coordinator of international BRUFACE MSc in Architectural engineering. He teaches Bioclimatic Design, Sustainable (Urban) Design Studio, Theory of Architecture and Urbanism, including a seminar on Cities of the Future.

As chair Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism (SAULab), Dr. Khan’s research activities focus on issues of Sustainability, Climate Change and Spatial Quality at different scales of the built environment with particular interest in exploring Sustainable Urban Futures. He is the founder and scientific chair of DS2BE (Sustainability Research in the Built Environment). Besides coordinating large-scale European and regionally funded projects, he supervises several PhD and postdoc researches that focus on urban ecosystem services, research by design, urban metabolism, energy efficiency and urban form, urban environmental quality, and sustainable urban regeneration. With 5 books and over 50 scientific publications, Prof. Khan has lectured extensively on issues of sustainable urbanism, and ‘city of the future’ in the framework of ‘global ecological balance’ at several forums in North America, Europe and South Asia.

He is fellow of several learned societies, sits on the scientific review panels of European & regional research funding agencies and reviews for many academic journals in the domain of built environment. He regularly advises universities, organisations, city and state governments on sustainable development in Africa, Europe and South Asia.

Key publications

Ahmed Z. Khan and Karen Allacker, Eds., (2015). Architecture and Sustainability: Critical Perspectives for Integrated Design, Leuven and Den Haag: ACCO Press.

Khan, A. Z., Moulaert, F., & Schreurs, J. & Miciukiewicz, K., Eds. (2014) Understanding spatial quality: A Relational Epistemology of Space and Transdisciplinarity in Urban Design and Planning, Journal of Urban Design 19(4): Special issue, 393-510 (6 articles).

Khan, A. Z., Moulaert, F., & Schreurs, J. Eds. (2013). Epistemology of Space: Exploring Relational Perspectives in Planning, Urbanism, and Architecture. International planning studies, 18(3-4): Special Issue, 287-409 (7 articles).

Khan, A. Z., Allacker, K., & Vandevyvere, H., (2013, October). Design for the ecological age: Rethinking the role of sustainability in architectural education. Journal of Architectural Education 66(2) 175-185.

Khan, A. Z., (2010). Rethinking Doxiadis´ Ekistical Urbanism: Sustainability and Globalization as a dialectical framework for Design, Positions: On Modern Architecture + Urbanism / Histories and Theories, NAI (Netherlands Architecture Institute) and University of Minnesota Press, pp. 6-39.