10 years of financial crisis: can Brussels save Europe ?

13 September 2018

6.30 pm -8.30 pm, Beursschouwburg
10 years of financial crisis: can Brussels save Europe ?

On Thursday 13 September 2018, at Beursschouwburg, we’ll commemorate the 10 years anniversary of (Global) Financial crisis. Early first warning signs of crisis began in 2007 with crisis in the subprime mortgage market in US. It developed into a full-blown international banking and financial crisis with collapse of different investments bank, such as Lehman Brothers, on week of September 14, 2008. Excessive risk taken by banking system contributed to increase financial impact globally.

A crisis which reappeared in a number of different guises, but never really went away: an economic recession, a sovereign debt crisis in Europe and finally a crisis of political legitimacy. From the bank bail outs in 2008 to the European Central bank creating money to inject in financial markets to this day, at every single stage of the crisis thousands of billions of public money were put at the disposal of private markets. The story of the crisis in Europe can not be told without looking at Brussels as the capital of Europe and the place where this crisis was managed to bail out unstable banks and financial markets and shift the majority of the costs to European citizens. However, the way in which the institutions managed the crisis was not possible without the active will or consent of the European member states – who often blamed the EU in their home country for policies they approved of on the European level. This way of dealing with the crisis not only increased inequality, it eroded democracy, fed nationalism and discredited cooperation on a European level and reinforced perception of Brussels as non-democratic actor and disembodied player of European Construction.

This celebration will be opportunity to deconstruct an amount of myths on multi-dimension of crisis: financial, economic and finally political since 2008 in Europe and within Member States, with our keynote speaker, Pr. Dr. David Bassens, who is a Geographer at VUB, working on spatial dimensions of financial and economic process in a globalized world. Conference will be an opening to a panel debate with representatives of civil societies actors, professionals and scientific experts of a various places and countries in Europe. It will allow to question place of cities, as a new democratic actor to counter effects of financial, economic crisis and their austerity management by member states and European Union.

  Programm : 

6.30-7.10 pm 

Presentation Dr. Marion Berzin (Brussels Academy, Cosmopolis) & Frank Vanaerschot ( Fairfin)

Keynote speaker. Pr. Dr. David Bassens (Cosmopolis, VUB): “10 years of Financial crisis: rebuilding our collective memory” (30')

7.10 pm – 8.05 pm Panel debate : 
Moderator: Pr. Dr. Eric Corijn (Brussels AcademyBrussels Studies Institute)
Eyes on Athens: Dr. Alex Afouxenidis (EKKE, Athens)
- Eyes on Frankfurt: Dr. Tim Heinemann (KfW, Germany)
Eyes on Barcelona: David Bravo (local government, Barcelona)
Eyes on Brussels: Aline Fares (Finance Watch)

8.05 pm - 8:30pm  Debate with the audience