Economic and Financial Geography - David Bassens, Manuel Aalbers

2nd semester - 6 ECTS

This course aims to: expand awareness and knowledge of economic and financial geography and insights in the relationship between spatial economy and society; acquire knowledge of the different ways in which geography or place play an important role in the contemporary economy, in particular in the field of finance; develop critical understanding of processes of agglomeration dynamics, financialization, economic globalization, offshoring, and so forth; develop analytical understanding of the complex interactions between globalization, localization, real estate, financial crises and states.

Knowledge Economy and the City - Bas van Heur

2nd semester - 3 ECTS

This course investigates the knowledge economy - as object of theory, empirical phenomenon and socio-economic and policy imaginary - from a cultural economic perspective. The knowledge economy has become a central point of reference in describing contemporary sociospatial transformations. City regions occupy a key position within this narrative as the knowledge economy tends to concentrate within cities and also contributes to further urbanization. This raises questions concerning the spatiality of knowledge production, circulation and use that will be investigated in more detail in this course. Drawing on interdisciplinary literatures, the course will focus on four important spaces of knowledge: educational spaces; creative and cultural spaces; experimental spaces; and smart spaces. The aim of this investigation is to gain a more critical understanding of the presumed role played by ‘knowledge’ in urban processes and to analyse the ways in which these various spaces of knowledge shape our understanding of the contemporary city.


1st and 2nd semester - 3 ECTS

Lecture series in which international researchers, teachers and professionals in the domain of urban studies present their ideas to a Brussels audience. The course consists of various lectures. Each year will be oriented around a different theme. Lectures take place on Friday evening 17.30-19.30h in the city centre of Brussels, mostly in the Beursschouwburg. A meeting point for urbanites, just before the weekend starts.

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