The Brussels Centre for Urban Studies and its members organise various lectures or seminars on urban issues and/or of immediate relevance to urban researchers. Some of these activities are specifically dedicated to PhD students, but many are also open to other research staff and students.

StadsSalonsUrbains lecture series

The city is the future? Most definitely! Throughout the last decade many new ideas and insights have been presented in the field of urban studies. At the StadsSalonsUrbains renowned international speakers are invited to present their ideas to a Brussels audience. Lectures take place on Friday evening 17.30-19.30h in the city centre of Brussels, mostly in the Beursschouwburg. A meeting point for urbanites, just before the weekend starts.

From 2018/2019 onwards, the StadsSalonsUrbains will also be offered as a 3 ECTS elective course unit, which can be followed by Master's and PhD students enrolled at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) or Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

For a list of past speakers, click here.

Cosmopolis lunch seminars

Organized by the Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research, the Cosmopolis lunch seminars constitute an informal platform to share research results, working papers, or anything else that is in progress, and to get feedback, opinions and ideas from colleagues. The Cosmopolis Lunch Seminars are open to everyone. 

Please check the Cosmopolis website for the latest information on the lunch seminars.

HOST seminars

The bi-weekly Historical Research into Urban Transformation Processes (HOST) seminars are intended primarily to discuss work in progress of HOST team members. In addition, we gladly welcome researchers from other teams and universities to discuss recent papers that have particular relevance to ongoing research within HOST. Papers are sent to all team members one week in advance of the seminar. Seminars take place from late August until the Christmas break, and from February until the summer break.

Please check the HOST website for an overview of the seminars.