The Brussels Centre for Urban Studies offers two types of visiting fellowships: 1) visiting research fellowships aimed at international researchers; and 2) civil society fellowships aimed at members of civil society in Brussels.

2020 fellowships:

The Brussels Centre for Urban Studies is currently in a transition phase. We are in the process of hiring a new Centre coordinator: as a result, all calls are for the moment put ‘on hold’. The fellowship schemes will continue in one way or another, but the format is likely to change. How exactly will be decided by the Centre board in the months following the summer break, meaning you can normally expect a new call in the autumn of 2019 for fellows of 2020. 

Visiting research fellowships

Every year, the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies offers funding to a limited number of visiting research fellows. Fellowships are non-stipendiary, but travel- (one return ticket to Brussels and back) and accommodation costs are covered. As such, these fellowships are mainly intended for faculty on leave or sabbatical and for postdoc researchers that have a salary from their home university or research institute. The objective of these fellowships is to promote exemplary interdisciplinary research in urban studies and to increase the international visibility of urban research at the VUB. Applicants are therefore expected to actively participate in events organized by the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies and the relevant VUB research groups. Fellows are encouraged to organize workshops, develop research projects, contribute to teaching or engage in other activities that are in line with the aims of the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies.

2019 visiting research fellows

Anna Di Ronco (University of Essex, UK)

Amy C Foerster (Pace University, USA) Urban Traces Report

Astrid Bjørgen (NTNU, Norway)

Alejandra Trejo-Nieto (El Colegio de Mexico)

Deniz Ay (Ohio State university, USA/University of Bern, Ch)

2018 visiting research fellows

Anne TJØNNDAL (Nord University, Bodø, Norway)

Haïfa TLILI (Paris Descartes University, France)

Raquel LÁZARO-GUTIÉRREZ (Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain) Urban Traces Report

Aleksandra ZUBRZYCKA-CZARNECKA (University of Warsaw, Poland)

2017 visiting research fellows

A.J. Jacobs (East Carolina University, USA) Urban Traces Report

Andrew Barnfield (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) Urban Traces Report

Christina Pech (The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm) Urban Traces Report coming up

Bill Addis (Independent scholar) Urban Traces Report

2016 visiting research fellows

Igor Calzada (University of Oxford, UK)  Urban Traces Report

Enrico Gualini (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)  Urban Traces Report

Andrew Karvonen (University of Manchester, UK)  Urban Traces Report

Sara Wermiel (Boston University and MIT, USA)  Urban Traces Report

2015 visiting research fellows

Simon Batterbury (University of Melbourne, Australia)  Urban Traces Report

Clotilde Bonfiglioli (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France)  Urban Traces Report

Isabelle Doucet (University of Manchester, UK)

Tassilo Herrschel (University of Westminster, UK) Urban Traces Report

Martin Müller (University of Zurich, Switzerland)  Urban Traces Report

Civil society fellowships

The civil society fellowship programme of the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies is intended to support research collaborations between VUB research groups and civil society organisations and professionals in Brussels. We recognize that individuals with extensive experience in civil society organisations possess invaluable expertise to tackle urban challenges and want to fund work that leads to increased cooperation between civil society professionals and university researchers. Fellowship projects can take many forms including, but not limited to: collaborative research with sociocultural or social movement groups or neighbourhood organisations; involvement in teaching and mentoring students in a research action project; the production of innovative research-led pedagogical material; and analysis of public policy and urban development projects that results in new policy positions and advocacy around these positions. Above all, we want to support activities that develop sustainable academic–civic research relationships that go beyond the boundaries of established university practice and that contribute to addressing key urban problems in Brussels.

2017 civil society fellows

Guillaume Servonnat (Espaces-Mobilités)

Nicolas Van Puymbroeck & Eva Samyn (Ferment)  Fellowship output

2016 civil society fellows

Leen de Spiegelaere (Brussels Kunstenoverleg (BKO))

Sophie Alexandre (Réseau des Arts à Bruxelles(RAB)) 

Joost Vandenbroele (Brussels Raad voor het Leefmilieu)  Fellowship output

Marianne Scheppers (Brussel Onthaal vzw)   Fellowship output

Pieter Smets (DEMOS)   Fellowship output (blog), Fellowship output (video)