Interior finish work during the interwar in Antwerp: material and colour use in the living room

Marieke Jaenen, Ann Verdonck

Research Architectural Engineering (ARCH)

Marieke Jaenen obtained a master in Art Science and Archaeology (VUB, 2004), a master in Culture Science (VUB, 2006) and a master in Conservation of Monuments and Sites (KULeuven, 2006). After her studies she started to work as an independent building history researcher. During 2008-2009 she worked as a part-time scientific researcher at the Department of History at KULeuven and at the Departement of Design Science at Artesis Hogeshool Antwerpen. Since 2009 she is assistant at the master in Conservation of Monuments and Landscapes at the Universiteit Antwerpen (UA). For the moment she does her Ph.D. research at the Department of Design Science at UA and from June 2014 on also at the Department of Architectural Engineering at VUB.