Welcome to PARIS

15 May 2018

Paris, 7-11 May
Welcome to PARIS

Students of the Master in Urban Studies went on excursion to Paris for a full week of guided walks and visits. In team they did fieldwork on topics ranging from temporary use & adaptive urbanism, culture & lifestyles (cathaphyles), gendered spaces, Paris 2030 (carless city), spaces of contestation, urban fringes & interstices, hyper-segregation, informal economy and the primate city.


Day 1: Immersion within Paris: urban walk from the hostel to the Île Saint-Louis following the trail ‘GR 2’

Day 2: Development of Eastern fringes: from La Villette to Cité Universitaire, following tramway 3a & 3b. Visit of the neighbourhoods La Villette, Porte de Bagnolet, Montreuil, Avenue de France / ZAC Rive Gauche, Cité universitaire

Day 3: Le Grand Paris + FIELDWORK

Day 4: The imprint of power: views and infrastructures of a centralised state. From Gare de l’Est to Arc de Triomphe + FIELDWORK

Day 5: Presentation of the FIELDWORK at the Institut de Géographie, Rue Saint Jacques (75005 Paris)

Playing the City (Montmartre)