Master's theses


Bounia Bourabain (2017) "Kunt u mij helpen?" Intersectionele praktijktesten naar alledaagse discriminatie in kledingwinkels

Suzanne Midema Bouwina (2017) “Ik blijf nog even hangen.” Kwalitatieve studie naar het ruimtegebruik en de ruimtebeleving van jongeren in vier Nederlandstalige scholen in Brussel

Scott Durno-Couturier (2017) Between @SOSCarabanchel and #BerlinMemorial: Locating Urban Memory, Conflict and Digital Space in Berlin and Madrid

Anja Garone (2017) Evaluating attitudes towards multilingual nursing education. A study on multilingual education in the Brussels context.

Pauline Grim (2017) Socio-cultural integration compared: The case of Syrians in Brussels and The Hague

Arnuad Heremans (2017) The Brussels' service stations. Catalogue, typology study and reconversion analysis

Sharon Kampil (2017) “Onderstand aan buitenlanders in Brussel onder werking van de onderstandswoonstwet van 1845”

Nejc Kugler (2017) Perceptions of Space in Community-Organized Public Places

Charlotte Landsheere (2017) Jongeren in Brussel tussen hoop en angst. Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar de invloed van superdiversiteit en de terroristische aanslagen van 22 maart 2016 op de sociale cohesie bij Brusselse jongeren

Fred Paxton (2017) The Populist Performance of Urban Crisis: A Study of Populist Radical Right Leadership of Local Government in Austria & Italy

Sven Masy (2017) Optimal localization of companies with high logistics needs in Brussels 

Rivka Saltiel (2017) Between Chaos and Control: An Analysis of Two Spaces of Refugee Arrival Organized by Local Volunteers in Vienna & Brussels

Ana Sanchez (2017) Horizontal collaboration in road freight transport by direct commucation between shippers

Rivka Satiel (2017) Between chaos & control. An analysis of two spaces of refugees' arrival organized by local volunteers in Vienna & Brussels

Bart van dern Krommenacker (2017) ‘Een tweede huid’; een kwalitatieve studie naar de invloed van kleding op identiteitsvorming onder Brusselse vrouwen met een tweede generatie Congolese migratieachtergrond

Charlotte Verheyden (2017) Immigrant heritage languages in de meertalige maatschappij. Casus: empirisch onderzoek naar talenkennis, taalgebruik en taalplanning bij Roemeenstaligen in Brussel

Iris Verschuren (2017) Digging in Kitsch Depths: Uncovering Urban Development Projects Skopje 2014 & Inverdan

Tan Dat Ton (2016) Multitasking on the go: an observation study on the Brussels public transport

Peter Gehlsøj (2016) Staging Urban Europe: Bodily, discursive and scalar politics of community theatre

Harley Ronan (2016) Urban enclosures under contemporary capitalism: An analysis of Business Improvement Districts in Hamburg and London

Razvan Zamfira & Matevz Straus (2016) The Re-birth of the Company Town: How corporations are reshaping life, work & play in the city

Lorena Felicia Axinte (2015) Formalising the informal: Temporary use of vacant spaces

James Furlong (2015) Habits in habitats: School architecture and teachers’ interactions with space in Manchester and Copenhagen

Balint Halasz (2015) Density: Spatial patterns and perception

Sandra Jurasszovich (2015) Location of social housing: Analyzing spatial patterns of social housing

Guillén Torres (2015) Tracing the democratic deficit: An Actor-Network Theory approach to urban governance networks in Madrid and Brussels

Pauline De Keersmaecker & Corentin Debailleul (2014) Towards the panoptic city? The proliferation of video surveillance in Brussels and Copenhagen

Matthieu Floret (2014) Bike-sharing and the promotion of urban sustainable mobility: A comparison of the political-aesthetic experiences provided by Vienna’s Citybike and Paris’ Vélib

René Kreichauf (2014) The European fortress city: The socio-spatial exclusion of asylum seekers in Copenhagen, Berlin, and Madrid

Peter Ulrich (2014) Built for sharing? The role of settlement attributes in the performance of carsharing stations

Jonas Aebi (2013) Between cry and demand: Class Composition and Housing Struggles in Vienna and Madrid

Liam Duffy (2013) Crises without retail: A street level approach to a global system in Copenhagen & Dublin

Karen Etropolszky (2013) A recommendation for a bicycle network in Berlin based on the guidelines of Copenhagen

Vanessa Hünnemeyer (2013) Transforming urban space: Planning creative milieus with case studies from Barcelona and Vienna

Rikke Gram Hansen (2012) Circular dormitories between city and private life: A comparative study of two iconic student halls in Copenhagen and Vienna

Charlotte Hofmann (2012) Representation & perception of mapped space: The use of tourist maps in the imagining of the city

Wojciech Keblowski (2012) Participatory budgeting and the right to the city

Emilie Kleinzig (2012) From urban design to cultural heritage

Marko Marskamp (2012) Spaces for Consumption and Congregation: Topologies of Themed Consumption Spaces

Jessica Kramer (2011) Fear (less): A case study of high-rise housing estates in Vienna and Berlin

Cecilie Sachs Olsen (2011) Re-thinking festivals: A comparative study of the integration/marginalization of art festivals in the urban regimes of Manchester, Copenhagen, and Vienna

Johannes Riegler (2011) Competitiveness VS. Social Balance: Gentrification as Urban Policy in Cases in Budapest and Vienna

Christina Zaff Juhlin (2011) Architecture on display: An analysis of architecture exhibitions at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010 – between art and urban experience

Silvia Cazzetta (2010) Film and media clusters in European Cities: Case studies from Copenhagen, Vienna, and Madrid

Toon Dirckx (2010) Adaptive reuse in Brussels and Copenhagen: The capacity of the existing building stock to meet new functional needs

Tabea Freutel (2010) Children’s Participation in Urban Planning: A comparative study of Vienna, Copenhagen, and Madrid

Markus Maicher (2010) The media and the square: A Historical perspective on the mediatization of the public square

Jonathan Piraux (2010) Factors influencing the development of the urban cycling: A case study of three European cities – Brussels, Copenhagen and Vienna